MySQL Group_Concat through a Join

So today I came across a problem where I want to pull all available projects in the system and also get a list of the users associated with that project. The way we had done it before was to grab a list of the projects and do an additional call for each to find the users. That turns out to be kind of a pain, especially on processing time. Today I taught myself how to use the GROUP_CONCAT feature and turn about 10 seconds of compute time down to about 0.0468 seconds. Gnarly! Here’s the sql:

SELECT CONCAT_WS( ' ', u.firstName, u.lastName ) ,
FROM projectsharing ps
WHERE ps.projectId =
GROUP BY ps.projectId
) AS combinedusers,, project.description, project.estimatedHours, project.actualHours, project.ownerId, project.parentId,
FROM project
LEFT OUTER JOIN user u ON ( = project.ownerId )

This outputs our project data with a list of concatenated user ids.

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