why google is winning

In the past year or so I’ve noticed something simple about google’s strategy that is going to push them even further from M$ in the coming years. It’s all about planning for the future, and not deviating from that plan.

The main examples I’m going to use are search, and android. There’s a concept of once you’re the king, it’s extremely hard to be overtaken. M$ has done this with the OS and Google with search. Unless you can do a massive leap frog over the king, there’s almost no point in throwing a crap load of money trying.
M$ has been trying to do this with search, but they will never win. I’m sorry, but M$ has not showed in the past that they are smart or clever enough to push any massive feature list that will get the masses to switch from google. They had the wrong mindset/business plan and in the end bing will fail.
Google, on the other hand, has the right mindset. Their mindset is on the future, and the future for the web is mobile. This, I believe, is the number 1 reason behind Android. Google creates this great mobile operating system, that hardware venders can use for free, and boom, Google owns search on any mobile device that uses Android (along with all the other mobile OSs that use goog for search).
Google now has the last laugh as they become the king of mobile search, while M$ is trying to play catchup with something Google perfected over 5 years ago.

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