a simple way to decentralize twitter, and why we need it

Once of my biggest problems with twitter is the fact that twitter is centralized. This means that content I give to twitter, and content I receive from twitter both go to/come from the same place. This sucks.

Once twitter goes down the service is completely unusable. This is totes mccraps. My solution: let the twitter api change the data source from twitter to a 3rd Party source. It would look like this:
request for tweets from twitter -> if twitter not hosting then forward request to 3rd party site -> 3rd party site publishes tweets
This way I can run my own twitter server for my friends and myself. All my friends need to do is log onto twitter through my site and my site automatically changes their data source from twitter to my server. They then can trust their data to me instead of twitter. It is much less likely that I will go down since I know my load will never peak, unlike twitter which doesn’t know their load and will keep breaking like it does.
Twitter can still own the data if they want(based on their terms of service they can still grab it and keep it). But they don’t have to be responsible for it, which they shouldn’t be. It’s your data, you should be able to decide who’s responsible for it. I can make the same claim to facebook, but they have too closed of a philosophy to ever change.
This could also help innovate your social graph. Following friends could be expanded to following the people on your server. It also would make creating social apps over twitter much easier for developers by giving them unlimited access since they would be able to run their own servers.
Twitter’s servers would still be the main key, and they wouldn’t lose any power doing it this way. They would be able to offload their processing to other people’s servers, saving them money. Makes sense, to me at least.

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