podcasting/media subscribing will replace tv…and it’s available now

February 4th, 2009

I bought an iPod Touch about 5 or so months ago, and it’s rarely left my side since. This little device is amazing. Easy to learn, and I have access to any type of media I want with just a few swipes and taps of my fingers. It’s introduced me first-hand to the power of iTunes and what the apple media business model means for our future. What if you could pick the shows you want to watch at night through your phone, any time of the day, and have them ready for you whenever you wanted to watch them? Yes, like a Tivo on steriods. As easy as flipping through the channels on your current tv.

Right now to copy this type of model is expensive and time consuming. First you have to setup your computer so it outputs to the tv. Then you need the right software to play your videos and music. Then you need a way to get your media. And what if you want to watch it in a different room, or even on your smart-phone?

iTunes has started the model, but it’s too proprietary right now to become as accepted as the tv. Though it is a giant step forward.

With iTunes you can subscribe to video and audio-only podcasts. This means if your favorite news cast makes their show available online, all you have to do it subscribe to it once and iTunes will automatically get the show for you everyday to watch at your disposal. No more missing shows and news because of work or other activities.

What I love most is the ability to get things that I can’t with tv(especially now I don’t have cable). I can listen to This Week in Teck (twit.tv), pretty much all espn shows, web design shows, and political news casts. This truely lets you pick your own window on the world, from the big tv corp view, to the small independents. Anyone with a microphone and the Internet can get their voice out to the whole world. This is the start of the next evolution in media, and I suggest you try it out.

garmin forerunner 405 and garmin connect…AWESOME

January 26th, 2009

SO…my christmas present to myself was the garmin forerunner 405. it has almost ever feature that i would want in a training device:
heart rate monitor
developer tools
+ all the normal training watch features

the major downside: windows only. they say os x support in the “first quarter of 09″ but we’ll see when that comes out. seems that it’s only because they have yet to create the drivers for that ANT+ system they use for the wireless data transfer, so hopefully it’s not long until they get that worked out.

since the only win machines i had were all emulated, and i couldn’t figure out how to get the ANT+ stick to follow through to them, i had to install xp again on an old laptop. after about 10 hours of total work(2 -> garmin connect, 8 -> xp install) i go this:

as a developer, a page like this can do so much for inspiration. if i only had an extra couple days a week…

coding style – an underlying factor

January 22nd, 2009

today at work i was pondering what is the thing that makes me unique and strong at what i do. so obviously i spent my time comparing myself to what my co-workers to figure out why i can get all my work done so fast and still have time to let my mind take breaks (to me this is reading blogs) and still get all my work done much faster than i should. the major difference i came up with was efficiency in coding style.

i constantly keep thinking about the structure of the current project i’m working on, from front to end. my mind pretty much stops when i start thinking serially (one thing after another) and i don’t have a choice but to think in parallel because of my ADD.

one thing i get when analyzing other programmers though, is everyone thinks that they are the most efficient at their style. in my opinion, that is completely the wrong way to think. 100% efficiency is something you never achieve when coding. also people who think it’s not worth the time to put into learning a new technique, i also think you’re wrong.

i think this is exactly why i can do things much faster than others. my main techniques are as follows:
Aptana(eclipse mod) IDE intelisense: i can’t live without this amazing tool. i’ve got everything memorized and can write my code over twice as fast than i can with a normal text editor or vi. the majority of my friends use something like vi which is great, but i’d love to challenge a vi master against my

massively repetitive code: i have 3-4 files i use that has all my repetitive code in it, always readily availale in an open tab. if i need to use my observer pattern or select list create foreach loops or anything i use at least once a week i push in there and know exactly where it is.

efficient use of OO pattern techniques: in every language that you can write class-like objects and extend them, learning OO patterns has been the most amazing thing ever to me. i write mostly javascript and just today i used about 3 different patterns for new code. if you can’t write OO code, i’m sorry, but it is amazing.

another thing i’m constantly doing is working on my efficiency. if i know i’m working on something i’m going to have to do in the future, i try 3-4 different ways of how to write it so i know what the fastest way will be in the future. most coders should naturally do something like this, but make sure you’re conscious that you’re doing it. think about your technique all the time and make yourself better. it really pays off.


January 14th, 2009

Trying out iblogger on my iPod touch. Pretty good so far. I’m also thinking about switching to wordpress in the relative future which this says it can post too. Also has the ability to post pics.

It’s almost worth the $.99 I paid for it and I NEVER pay for apps. Simple and does what it’s supposed too. I like that.

Mobile Blogging from here.

my new years resolution…to blog more :)

January 5th, 2009

it’s been exactly 2 months since my last post. time to start this thing back up. be more organized, share more knowledge. yes :)

obama and technology….WTF IS GOING TO HAPPEN?!?!?

November 6th, 2008

if you’re like me, a big nerd that’s into everything tech-y, you are used to feeling looked over by the government. seriously, can you think of anyone at all in a relatively high political position you can relate too? i sure don’t. now we have a new administration with a congress backing him. what changes do you think it will have for us nerds?

really, we know we are the backbone of america. all the major challenges that we face as a country will be solved by scientists and engineers. what are those challenges? i guess my short list is:
1. energy independence
2. broadband infrastructure
3. a better health system
(i would also say internet surveylence and warfare but i try and stay out of the nsa’s affairs)

these challenges need new intelligent, clever, all around problem solving. it’s time for us to abandon our past solutions that aren’t working well and are going to be obsolete in the future. our generation need to create new companies with great business plans to do this. we can do it if we work together. get your friends and start brainstorming ideas and then act on them! if you don’t want to act on them, give them to me so i can.

today change.gov was launched. i not going to go into expectations for this site besides what you can read by going to it. it is kinda cool to see the first presidential blog though.

i STRONGLY encourage you to read http://change.gov/agenda/technology these are are pretty good start and we need to make sure that they happen. we need to.

nov. 4th + 1

November 5th, 2008

he won. we won. everyone won.

i can say that last night was one of the most important events that i have personally ever been a part of. to think of it logically makes it seem predictable. to think of it spiritually gives such a complex set of conflicting feelings i don’t know if i could ever explain it in words…but maybe you can imagine it.

for about a month the race has been pretty consistent. polls, attacks, speeches, direction…all pretty consistent. still doubt, but no worry if the course is kept; and it was. first PA was called, giving mccain only a glimmer of hope. then OH…and i could say without a doubt american had elected it’s first black president.

i was lucky enough to have a ticket to the grant park event and was one of the lucky people to get there late and be at the very end of the field :) it didn’t matter. i was there. i took a ton of pictures but have yet to see if any of them turned out. most likely not but i’ll check tonight and probably post sometime tomorrow.

now i have all these conflicting feelings. we achieved the second goal, but what about the next step? we can’t change the country without everyone pitching in. we, as a poeple, need to work harder and take bigger sacrifices to get out of this hole we are in. it won’t work just because we have an intelligent person making our big decisions. we are in a deficit from all angles: money, global character, domestic health/jobs/energy/technology. we can break from this but no one person, no government is going to do it for us.

it’s time to stop being stubborn about what we think is absolute and open our minds to new ideas on solving our problems. this is not our parents or our grandparents generation. this is our time now and we must progress from our past or end up repeating it.

i can’t speak for anyone else, but i plan on doing my part.

Sean Quinn from 538 expressed his feelings about last night about the campaign and this race so much better than i could. check it out:

our generation speaks today

November 4th, 2008

i’m <= 25 and i voted today. of course i did. of course ALL of my friends did.

this election has been gruesome. i’ve been obsessed for about 18 months, checking poll updates everyday, getting opinions from every person i could, just trying to figure out the logic of this thing we call democracy.

in this election i’ve seen a major trend, and without it barack wouldn’t be winning. it’s the youth push. maybe the youth aren’t going to vote much today, the majority is lazy, but they are the ones that saw this election through. they are the ones that knocked on doors, made and answered phone calls, and did everything else to drive this campaign.

mccain had virtually no ground game compared to barack. barack had 10-30 offices open in nearly every state, mccain barely had any. barack’s offices were packed all day and all night, mccain’s barely kept normal business hours. if you think that it’s because mccain had less cash than barack you’re wrong. it was only possible because of obama’s continued inspiration that kept his team going longer and harder than any other.

sure there are other factors; the money, non-youth finally getting inspiration, but they are not as important as what our generation has done to put this campaign over the top.

here’s part of my ticket for the event tonight. i will be down there taking pictures, to be posted in the next day or two on wajiw.com/pics.php yes i will be finishing up the woggallery ver. 1.0 in the next day
. i’ll post the source next week.

election blogs i follow:
fivethirtyeight.com (D)
politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com (D)
www.realclearpolitics.com (R)
pollster.com (I)
drudgereport.com (R)

android is finally here…just to see now if my predictions are going to come true

September 24th, 2008

i’ve been pretty excited about this since i first heard of android and what they were trying to do with it. now it’s finally here and it actually looks like it won’t be a major disappointment. actually, if my logic works out it should be a direct competitor to the iphone. how can anything compete with the iphone and it’s already huge lead in the consumer smart-phone market? let me explain.

when it comes to technology i have two main theories about future areas:
1. it’s all about being open.
– the more freedom you give developers, the better a product you will have
2. if you can make money by giving it away for free you force your competitors to do the same

some will say, “look at symbian, they tried this and aren’t anywhere near the iphone.” except this is a different time than the old market. just last month my sister, a poor college student, got a blackberry pearl with internet. you couldn’t say that about any average consumer 5 years ago. the new internet phone market is taking over.

but “how can android ever compete with the iphone?” well android has a few, very key, advantages that the iphone doesn’t:
1. android isn’t a phone, it’s a platform
– yes, the G1 may not have the same features that the iphone does, but another phone will
– android can be run on cheaper phones, so almost anyone who can purchase a phone should be able to eventuall afford a phone that runs android. this would let anyone buy marketplace apps(i.e. app store) that their phone can utilize

2. android isn’t locked down to one carrier.
– soon everyone will have access to an android phone, maybe even At&t folk

3. android is an open java platform
– android developers have millions of java applications to choose from they can almost copy over to make new android apps
– android gives developers much more access to their architecture giving them the ability to make better applications

i could go on, but i think those alone will give android enough juice to be a major competitor. don’t get me wrong, the iphone is great for people who want everything simple and to ‘just work’ where android phones may not be so simple. but if you want to truely ‘own’ your phone, have a ton of options for produtivity apps android is the way to go.

either way, both of these phones are making carriers FINALLY change the way they allow access on their networks. it’s a change we as consumers have been deserved for a long time and are finally starting to see being realized.

remembering 9/11

September 11th, 2008

to follow suit with, what it seems like, everyone else today, 7 years ago i was in class at my high school: science with mr. allis. it seemed like our whole country stopped everything they were doing for that whole day and sat around in disbelief watching the news for any new update. One of those moments in our generation that are unforgettable and brings things into perspective.

although our government was extremely unresponsible, i hope people still remember the comradry we felt after this happened, and that we are one country working as a family to take on our challenges together.

i wish all who view this that have any connection to this tragedy, and all others with similar experiences, my deepest sympathy.