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My new ADD solution: GTD

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

I’ve kinda had a breakthrough over the past few weeks I thought was worthy writing about. With my new brain(my droid) its been possible for me to use Internet tools almost anywhere I have service. I’ve never been able to successfully use an online task service before due to the fact I’m never by my computer when I remember I have to do something. For me the ‘always connected’ mantra is the only way to go, and pen/paper was the only way to acomplish it.

Enter GTD and RTM. Alone they are mighty BUT TOGETHER THEY ARE SUPER AWESOME!

GTD (getting things done) is a task management system developed by David Allen. The purpose of this is getting all the tasks (which he calls open loops) out of your head. This really helps you forget about them so you can focus on only what you have to get done now.

RTM (remember the milk) is a very feature-full online task management app. They’ve got great syncing tools for mobile(droid/iphone apps), daily emails, location awareness, and so much other awesome shtuff. Overall its very easy to implement GTD with it, and it has seriosly changed my life. Check it out: