bye bye rss...time to switch to twitter
So since I use it more often, and 90+% of my blogs are on twitter...I'm going to start leaving rss for twitter. It forces my blogs to make my life more efficient with the 140 char limit. Twitter also has a better program base then google reader does making it much easier to use.

Sorry rss...twitter wins.
looking for nerds in Chicago... anyone there?
I've recently found out I work way too much. I'm also training for another marathon in April which takes up time, and sometimes I like to sleep. I recently tried bar trivia for the first time and realized my need to have a few more like-minds around me.

It's a little hard for me to find friends I like. I get bored way to easy with my ADD and too many people are more interested in things that just don't have any depth at all. You know what I'm talking about.

So it's time for me to make some friends that have smarts, are unique and a bit nerdy I guess. Any ideas?
my new years blog more :)
it's been exactly 2 months since my last post. time to start this thing back up. be more organized, share more knowledge. yes :)
nov. 4th + 1
he won. we won. everyone won.

i can say that last night was one of the most important events that i have personally ever been a part of. to think of it logically makes it seem predictable. to think of it spiritually gives such a complex set of conflicting feelings i don't know if i could ever explain it in words...but maybe you can imagine it.

for about a month the race has been pretty consistent. polls, attacks, speeches, direction...all pretty consistent. still doubt, but no worry if the course is kept; and it was. first PA was called, giving mccain only a glimmer of hope. then OH...and i could say without a doubt american had elected it's first black president.

i was lucky enough to have a ticket to the grant park event and was one of the lucky people to get there late and be at the very end of the field :) it didn't matter. i was there. i took a ton of pictures but have yet to see if any of them turned out. most likely not but i'll check tonight and probably post sometime tomorrow.

now i have all these conflicting feelings. we achieved the second goal, but what about the next step? we can't change the country without everyone pitching in. we, as a poeple, need to work harder and take bigger sacrifices to get out of this hole we are in. it won't work just because we have an intelligent person making our big decisions. we are in a deficit from all angles: money, global character, domestic health/jobs/energy/technology. we can break from this but no one person, no government is going to do it for us.

it's time to stop being stubborn about what we think is absolute and open our minds to new ideas on solving our problems. this is not our parents or our grandparents generation. this is our time now and we must progress from our past or end up repeating it.

i can't speak for anyone else, but i plan on doing my part.

Sean Quinn from 538 expressed his feelings about last night about the campaign and this race so much better than i could. check it out:
our generation speaks today
i'm <= 25 and i voted today. of course i did. of course ALL of my friends did.

this election has been gruesome. i've been obsessed for about 18 months, checking poll updates everyday, getting opinions from every person i could, just trying to figure out the logic of this thing we call democracy.

in this election i've seen a major trend, and without it barack wouldn't be winning. it's the youth push. maybe the youth aren't going to vote much today, the majority is lazy, but they are the ones that saw this election through. they are the ones that knocked on doors, made and answered phone calls, and did everything else to drive this campaign.

mccain had virtually no ground game compared to barack. barack had 10-30 offices open in nearly every state, mccain barely had any. barack's offices were packed all day and all night, mccain's barely kept normal business hours. if you think that it's because mccain had less cash than barack you're wrong. it was only possible because of obama's continued inspiration that kept his team going longer and harder than any other.

sure there are other factors; the money, non-youth finally getting inspiration, but they are not as important as what our generation has done to put this campaign over the top.

here's part of my ticket for the event tonight. i will be down there taking pictures, to be posted in the next day or two on yes i will be finishing up the woggallery ver. 1.0 in the next day
. i'll post the source next week.

election blogs i follow: (D) (D) (R) (I) (R)
remembering 9/11
to follow suit with, what it seems like, everyone else today, 7 years ago i was in class at my high school: science with mr. allis. it seemed like our whole country stopped everything they were doing for that whole day and sat around in disbelief watching the news for any new update. One of those moments in our generation that are unforgettable and brings things into perspective.

although our government was extremely unresponsible, i hope people still remember the comradry we felt after this happened, and that we are one country working as a family to take on our challenges together.

i wish all who view this that have any connection to this tragedy, and all others with similar experiences, my deepest sympathy.
i love to ride my you?
3 weeks ago i got my bike stolen. right in front of a major train station in downtown chicago. can you believe that? yeah i did have a shitty lock on it, with a cable that was only medium duty, but really, why are people so useless?

i guess it did happen for a reason though. i ended up hitting up my favorite bike shop 'uptown bikes' by my old apartment, and gave into getting a road bike. my first one, and boy i do love thee. i rode it up to evanston yesterday. It's a little over 12 miles to get where i was going, such a beautiful ride.

the bike is a KHS Flight 220. it's a low-end road bike but perfect for me (KHS does happen to be the initials of my high school). another step to becoming the urban dynamist i want to become :)
well that's over :)
it was a great and horrible weekend that i don't really feel like writing about for anyone else so i'm just going to post this link:

is it just me or does everyone steal your only freetime: weekends
i went through my calendar and in 3 months i have 1 free weekend. i really hate it. i think i'm going through what happens when you don't let your mind take enough time to relax. i need at least 10% of my non-sleep time to drain the stress from work and other people and not getting it creates just so many digressive problems.

this month alone i've had a wedding, a move, a 50th anniversary, and a business trip.

i know it's good to be busy, but i think you really need to find the delicate balance between having a ton of shit to do and giving yourself sometime to just sit on your ass and do nothing. i really need more of the latter and i think most people in my circle do too. why aren't we giving it to ourselves?

i think it mostly comes from just not having a more consistent schedule. i have moved 4 times in the past 14 months, and am always going between the city, arlington heights and lombard. all this running around takes between 1 and 3 hours a day. that's the free time lost everyday right there.

next time you see a friend who's relatively relaxed all the time, ask them how much time they give to themselves everyday. i bet it's > 3 hours....
yes yes. i moved to chicago to live in chicago, and now i finally am. i moved in with one of my buddies from school into the century towers. google 'century towers chicago' and you can find out more into.

i have, litterally, less than 50 lines of code to write to finish my gallery, and when i do i'll have the super duper pics up. come visit me!

p.s. we're having a house warming party the saturday night after lolla gets over
Entrepreneur's are better in bed
i saw this article today and found it interesting:

i like to think i'm eventually going to fit right into this and it makes me feel good, being in the position that i am. in the nitty gritty of it, the passion is what counts. i think passion and the ability to go after what you want, alone, can get you anything you want in life. if only it was easier...
i love xkcd
I've been working over 100 hours a week, plus traveling every weekend, which makes it hard for me to take a few extra minutes to write, but I had to post this. I think this cartoon sums up my current feelings right now:

love you guys, hope all is well
why is everyone growing up?
this past weekend i just started to say goodbye to my best bud Chris McD. i rememeber his first day of pre-k when his parents brought him into class after they moved back from baraga. i fought the kids at my table to make him my friend and we've been like brothers ever since.

earlier this year he told me he was asking his gf to marry him, and the guy actually did it. this past weekend we had his bachelor party. i know we're 24 and it's time to start doing those things but really, it feels fucking weird. to think that he's going to start having kids in the next couple years and it seems like just yesterday that we were playing trucks in the back behind my house.

myself...i just can't see getting married anytime soon. even if that perfect situation came up it would just take my life in a complete 180. getting married to me means 2 things: kids and settling down. when you get married you have instant responsibilities. your priorities change dramatically. i'm only 24 and still have thousands of dollars in loans, and i work like 100 hours a week(including side projects). but will i ever be stable enough to take the plunge? i mean...really where do you have to be to start that shit?

i guess only time will tell. i know now i'm not alone, but it seems my friends are starting to drop like flies and the conflict in my head is only going to get greater. i can hold out right?
are pills for your brain worth it?
so i read an article today about this drug called provigil. it was an opinion article about one guy's own experimentation about it and his results. he took it 5 days on and 3 days off and worked totally focused and ate a ton less. he didn't sleep much but he said that was because he was so focused he couldn't stop thinking.

there are no known short-term effects on the drug but no long-term studies have been done on it. in the end the guy stopped taking it because he didn't know the long term effects and thought it's stupid for you to risk something like dementia on short term results.

personally i've used 3 drugs to help with my focus/concentration: caffeine, nicotine and ginko biloba. i used the first two through college, and when i wised up last year, i started taking ginko and have been taking it ever since.

those of you that know me know that i have bad attention deficit disorder. throughout high school and college i used caffeine to help me, but whenever i used it i lose sleep, gain weight(even using diet pop), have slow recovery time from working out and am more stressed than usual. sure, when i can only get 3-5 hours of sleep a night, i use it, but i do it as little as possible.

i could've taken aderol(sp?) but i always told myself i could get what i want accomplished without it, i just had to work harder. who knows what that shit will do to you long-term.

i started taking ginko because it's been used for centuries to help your brain. because of how cheap it is and because it doesn't have fda approval i don't think people give it the recognition it deserves. it was the first thing that gave me focus without side effects.

it took about 2 weeks for me to notice results(average is a month)and i have to take it everyday to have focus the next day, but ginko is a time-tested drug that works and doesn't harm. i'm sure it doesn't help as much as something like aderol or provigil but i'm ok with that. it works just good enough for me to balance my add and feel like a normal person. if i didn't have add i think i would still take it.

personally i feel taking drugs like provigil are a way of cheating yourself. an american quick fix for laziness. i have to work harder and smarter to get where i want to be without taking those drugs, but i'm ok with that.

check out the guy's article here:
breaking out of the cold
so the warm spring is almost here. it's an exciting time of the year. kind of like breaking, little by little, this shell that has come from the winter months. i'm ready to see what i can get accomplished and how i can finally enjoy the city for once. i'm going to need to get my calendar ready sometime soon, and once i do i'll post my important dates on here. but for now i'm just going to put the things on the top of my head.

first of all, i'm ready to start enjoying the lakefront more. yesterday i ran 4 miles down the trail and, even though the wind really hurt, it was a fresh look for me on the summer to come. new ways to get inspired, new adventures, and a progressed look on my life. many people can't get that from just a run, but i can :)

after going to two games already, i'm extremely pumped for the cubs season. i've never been this into baseball, and living 2 L-Train stops north of wriggley field it's only making it a bigger part of my life. there are few times i'm happier than when i'm enjoying baseball.

concerts. they've been a huge part of every summer of mine since i graduated high school and this summer is no different. right now there's a lot of room for possibilities but currently i've got lollapalooza all taken care of and there's a death cab concert in june i'm buying tickets for this week. if anyone else wants to go let me know NOW!

aside from those i'm going to be a doing a lot of 'enjoying'. enjoying the weather, the lake, the city, my work, my friends; with a lot of traveling, camping, visiting and just living.

another summer with a shit ton of potential. lets hope it fills it.

(btw...what do you think of the new site design? comments are appreciated)
another Justification
i read an article on today that i nearly COMPLETELY agree with about engineering students. i'll give the key to it away right now: college engineering is geared towards destroying inspiration. the article gave 5 reasons:
1. bad textbooks
2. horrible profs.
3. horrible advisors
4. other majors have inflated grades
5. all assignments seem the same

the first one is totally right. textbooks are written by professors to supplement their class. they leave out SO much information, and are extremely expensive. i don't think they should be written that way. they should be written as reference books, and should be separate from books that try and tell you how to learn the info. i've learned more from Schaum's Series and Oreilly books than any other book required for class.

2. is obvious. eng. profs are there for research. they have gone through the system, mostly without understanding any real-world experience and have a stick up their ass because they get paid shit for doing research for other people to make millions off of. they lost their inspiration to be creative and learn years ago, and the attitude gained from that pushes students in the same direction. a big reason most engineers are alcoholics.

now, engineering advisors...that's one of the biggest jokes in college i've ever known. i would've picked better classes my freshman year if i had post them all on a board and thrown darts at them. my junior/senior level advisor garth favored the students who kissed his ass and did extra projects. someone like me, with a mediocre gpa, was seemed to be looked down upon by him whenever i went into his office. just because i got a D in my pathetic history class because i didn't give a fuck about it, the first time i met with him i got a lecture because i was 'letting my college slip away'. what a load of shit from someone who didn't understand any of the classes and had almost no engineering experience. my fix: get a teacher with honors to develop a few suggested class paths and make teachers explain, in moderate detail, what students will learn in their class and how it relates to other classes. then students can do it themselves and you don't have to pay a bullshit advisor who doesn't know shit about what they're doing.

yes, my friends and i always joked about how other non-science majors were a fucking joke. but you can't explain that to people in those situations, which can still make an engineers self-esteem do a nose dive when they find their friend who got drunk before their last exam 4.0 it. i know this goes for science majors too and just sucks. the amount of work and brilliance that kids in these classes have is unbelievable, and the system does all it can to drag them down into the pits with all the losers who don't give a shit about anyone but themselves. my favorite quote from the article: "Brilliant engineering students may earn surprisingly low grades while slackers in other departments score straight As for writing book reports and throwing together papers about their favorite zombie films"

in engineering, every homework assignment is a math problem. i've had maybe 3 classes where i actually did a project that i enjoyed. it's so fucking easy to be creative and make projects that can inspire students need to learn, and no professors take advantage of it. they believe that they are there to weed out the bad eggs, but that's wrong. they are there to present the information in a way for students to be able to learn it, because they are PAYING them to do it. what they don't realize is, in the real world, if you need to use an advanced math problem, YOU FUCKING LOOK IT UP. they have a limited amount of time to get information to the students and they waste it by going over unnecessary problems when they should be doing real-world projects. but i guess they'd have to know some real-world problems other than their fucking research to be able to do that :)

i hope you feel the same fellow egrs. if you read this and end up going into teaching...please take it seriously. a professors potential to guide intelligent students is enormous. don't waste it.
i'd hire someone to do it if i didn't care about them touching my shit
ok, so i've finally gotten all my shit into another part of the town. moving is such a bitch. when you're busy, there's nothing like having to move to set you back a week or 2 on absolutely everything.

then there's the address changes. i have to change cable/internet/electric/magazines/voter registration/license/loans/bank addresses. who's got time for that?

then laundry. we are waiting till the stupid company that does all the condo work to put them in, but until then i have to sift through old clothes to see what's actually clean and bearable to wear everyday.

plus today it's supposed to get up to 53 degrees!!! i just want to get out of work and go to the lake and just do nothing. but can i do that? fuck no...i have to unpack, get 5000 addresses changed, and work on my projects that i've been putting off because of all this. I FUCKING HATE MOVING!!!!

other than that, milwaukee this weekend and getting to see the chicago river dyed green. yes i know it will be just a different shade of green than normal but the people there will hopefully be cool.

...back to work
a new post

i'm trying to post again. bear with me.

spring's just around the corner and i get the feeling that everyone hates this time of the year. it's still fucking cold and it's like the planet is playing the biggest game of taste and take. gimme 1 nice enjoyable day for 8 days of shit. i want it to be spring already.

i NEED to get this stupid website going. i have billions of pictures to upload, and projects to talk about and other stupid shit to talk about and i need an outlet for all of that. it seems so simple...just put the fucking thing together. but it's not. i need a unique style/layout. i need a comprehensive photo page. i need to implement and i need to put up professional stuff (soon to be it will be done. i always do what i say i'm going to, it's just that the timetable is up in the air.

thanks for reading and chat me sometime.
a bit
hello, i realize it's been a month, but transition times for me are always busy.

i just have a couple things to mention. i'm moving this week(possibly today/tomorrow) down to lakeview. if you want the address let me know. this means that my server will probably be down a bit in the next week(s) as we try and get internet. it's going to be nice being a 10 minute bike ride to north beach. i'm pretty super excited.

a little realization. i heard something that john mccain said last night, on whatever talk show he was on, that youtube is the worst thing for a politician. this popped something in my head that made me think, 'this is true for everything'. as our communication is enhanced our need for a commercialized news lessens. i've been so worried about how corrupt our media is and hurt my brain thinking of ways to get everyone to see a nearly unbiased view that hasn't been corrupted by greed. this answer can only be an unrestricted internet where it is easy for us to post anything and get it out to everyone. this gives people choice for their news, instead of just what the media gives us. next what needs to happen is someone, with the ability and the general morals to help others, to create the news source that we're waiting for. and not just some'one' but anyone that can do it, to do it. with things like youtube and blogs like this anyone can tell what they see, and maybe sometime in the future we'll be able to see the world through a nearly unbiased view :)

another thing that's been racking my brain is art-sharing related. i'm going to start calling it art-sharting instead of file-sharing because i am talking about music/movies/pictures and not general files, but file-sharing could still be included in this argument. i've been trying to figure out how you could ever stop art-sharing. you can't. ever since the advent of the tape recorder people have been able to copy the things they hear. if you can hear or see something you can record it and copy it. so why are companies like the RIAA and the MPAA trying so hard to prevent people from doing something that there will be no way of stopping? because they are greedy. the majority of people who are 'pirates' are people that wouldn't give their money to buy cds or dvds anyways. and there's as much proof saying that these companies are making money from pirating(people buy what they like and can't like something if they don't hear/see it first) as there is that shows they are losing money from it. saying that these companies are losing billions of dollars from pirating is absurd.

what should be done, is these companies need to realize they are not going to stop this. even if they could shut down the internet(which they would if they could) i'm still going to take my cds and copy them in my computer and give them to my friends. that's just the way it is. what they need to do is try and control the way that these are distributed. if they gave a better portal for people to get their music and gave it away for dirt cheap(like $.05 a song) they could still make a ton of money and not really worry about pirating. it just sickens me that they're taking money from people by invading their privacy and saying that they are in violation by 'making copyrighted material available'. that's fucked up.

p.s. i'm listening to the new rilo kiley cd right now. it's almost done and has been one of the best cds i've heard in years. if you want it let me know and i'll let ya download a copy from me ;-)
circle of trust
OMG JIMMY EAT WORLD! last night ROCKED da socks off me....seriously i had to wear sandals.

the pabst theater -> milwaukee. now my favorite venue. the acoustics were amazing. i'm not used to being able to go to a show and hearing the actual lyrics from the songs. totally worth the trip and my lazy eye this morning. it's like it was a dream, the best dream EVER!

someone mentioned to them to play 'a praise chorus' and jim went on a little about how they couldn't play it cause dave wasn't there and how he can't hit the vocals on it. so zach (their drummer) started playing a little and got the crowd riled up and they eventually played it. so fucking cool, like what does that show for the character of the band to do something like that?! it totally rocked and almost made up for them not playing sweetness.

the new jew album comes out oct. 16th and is called "Chase This Light". probably going to be the 7th cd ever that i'll buy. i hate buying cds but i don't think i have much of a choice on this one. oh and if you like indie/folk rock and haven't heard of maria taylor, you should check out her music. she opened for them and added vocals to a couple songs, and has an amazing voice.
so things have been going. i got my zen vision: m and the only negative thing about it is the name. it's not very catchy. other than that i couldn't be happier. for a pirater, like myself, it is AMAZING! i use gnomad2 on ubuntu to send files back and forth from it. all of the videos i've put on it work fine. it also has a couple video functions i find so key.

the video has a zoom to fit and squeeze to fit functions. so if it's not very widescreen it can squeeze the video to fit the screen, or if it's very widescreen and you want to see better, it has a zoom to see it better(though you miss a bunch of the screen). i haven't yet gotten annoyed by the small 2.5 inch screen. it fits perfect in my little pouch on my backpack. i just can't say enough about this thing. it's just perfect for me, i love it so much. and for $140 i can't ask for a better price. it has one little scratch. the battery lasted me almost two days, which i watched about 6 hours of video and listened to the radio about 20 hours. so cool.

for $80 less i'll take the little scratch that was on it.

so my picture manager is almost going. here are the steps i needed to get done when i started:
1.) upload multiple files
2.) convert each picture to 2 different sizes + high res
3.) create folders/filenames based on a standard
4.) create ajax display functions for:
a.) folders/dates
b.) thumbnails
c.) medium display(main display)
d.) lightbox for highres display

i've almost got 1-3 done which is definitely the hard part. hopefully by the weekend i'll have the display up and working. after i have the first version working and licensed i'll put it up on the project page to for other people to take and test. it's beauty i think is in it's simplicity, but other developers will figure that out on their own. i did have to use 3 languages though(php, js & java) to do all the code, but everything seems to be working pretty well together and you really only should need to know a little php and js to implement it on your site.
still coming
i'm slowly working on getting this thing finished. i think i've decided to go with 'gallery' for my pictures page. of course i'm going to have to integrate ajax and scriptaculous into it, which will be fun. i'm not sure how i'm going to put items into my projects and play pages yet, but that should take me a good 15 minutes to figure out. i'm also thinking about doing another style for the page. this one seems a bit too dark, but i'll figure that out later. next priority is pictures.

another travel weekend coming up. this time andrea and i are going up to brimley michigan to her cousin's wedding at the lighthouse there. i'm pumped because i only have to drive to lansing friday and she's doing the rest! :) i'll be there for support of course. hopefully i'll have my picture site operational by the time we get back next week so i can upload my photos from the trip. the UP is amazing in the summer time and i'm kinda pissed i haven't been able to spend any time up there yet. i might be able to convince the girl to go up there for the 4th next year.

i told myself that when i get money i will buy myself an lcd monitor. it's something that will help me finally start doing decent work at home, because i just don't like staring at a round monitor. i've got the huge ass 26" crt there right now, and i don't think i'll ever be able to do decent work on it just because i can't stand staring at it for more time than it takes to check my email. maybe i can sell it on craigs list or something.

so yeah today i bought a 22" acer from staples for $229 w/ free shipping. Taxes though were about $15! wtf illinois! i hate the fucking taxes here. like 9-10%. well if i can stay on the public transportation for a while it might be worth it to be paying for the super taxes. $93/month for travel to and from work is a bargin. love the trains. and yeah, finally a decent monitor(i hope)!
robots in disguise...killer robots
yes transformers the movie was one of the bestest films for me this year. it made me feel like i was 8 years old again. the graphics were amazing, cut scenes a little long, voices near perfect, great story line. wajiw liked this film very much.

on another note, i bought an mp3 player to replace my lost/stolen one. as i do with anything electronic i buy, i researched the hell outa players. what i came up with that would work best for me is something that can play videos, where i don't have much hassle in converting, decent hard drive(+10 gigs), small enough to potentially run with, and low cost. what i came up with is the creative zen vision:m 30gb. i found it refurbished on creatives website for, including taxes/shipping, $139.41. i couldn't believe it. i was going to buy it off newegg for $230+shipping/tax. i recently bought a set of 7.1 speakers refurbished from creative for ~$60 and they've been more than i could want.

so i want to compare my new zen with the ipod video(black 30gb) i almost got.

ipod zen
price: $245 $230
screen: 2.5" 2.5"
colors: 65,000 262,144
weight: 136g 163g
resolution: 320x240 320x240
video playback: 3.5 hours 6 hours
radio: no yes

for file formats it's a no brainer. the zen has all these video formats:
DivX™ 4 & 5, XviD2, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG4-SP, WMV9, Motion-JPEG. And the ipod supports these: H.264, .mov, .mp4

also there's a program for me to access it through my linux computers, where all my media is stored.

but why would ipod be selling so much more than creative? marketing and user interface. those are the two most important things when it comes to selling electronics, and this is a prime example. the zen gives you so much more, but most people don't take the time like i just did to compare their options. i guess i can only say that it's better after owning both, so i soon shall see.

p.s. sites i used for my research:
zen site
ipod site
i need another break
this past weekend was kinda nice. saturday i went with trev, keith and debbie to the taste fest down town. talk about too many people. walking through there was like sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. i hated it. the food was ok, nothing too special. the music was like any other festival. i'm glad we only spent a few hours there. hopefully john mayer on wednesday won't be as bad, if we decide to go.

sunday it was nice to just be able to sit on my ass and not do anything. andrea came in and we actually ended up falling asleep at like 8:30. very nice. but since then i've just felt totally drained. i don't know if it's work or working out or what, but i've just been totally tired this week so far. i think it's my body telling me i should be on summer vacation instead of working, but who knows. i just need my energy back, and now.
the website transition
yeah, i'm so pumped i'm actually going to have a website that i can use. this week i figured out how to use the Zend Gdata framework to put my blog on . it's pretty f-ing sweet. my site looks a little weird right now but i'll have that fixed in no time. it might even be fixed by the time you're reading this! soon my site might even be useful for people other than myself, but we'll see how much of my free time i get to spend on it.

in work news we hired a CpE who's younger than me! i can't believe that i'm not the youngest here, and by ~10 years. he seems like a good fit too. time will tell.

so it's my first week of running every day so far(3 days in a row). the whole getting up at 5 seems harder the more days in a row you do it. yesterday my body practically made me wake up, and today it kept telling me how nice 10 more minutes of sleep would be. i think it's because of my monday workout. monday, after i ran, i did a core workout(sit-ups/dead lifts) along with some arm and shoulder exercises(push/pull-ups/curls) and today, 2 days later, i'm soooooore. i need to start working yoga into my routine before this muscle tightness starts affecting my runs more than it did today. getting back into shape is f-ing tough! but the benefits have been very personally rewarding :) hopefully i can meet my goal and lose the 15 more pounds i have to reach my goal in 3 weeks. if only...